Artificial Intelligence + Leaderboards + KingPin =
24 leaderboard contests in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place since
using AI for affiliate promos in the last 60 days.
Easily replicated strategy with no previous following, from anywhere in the world,
with no money out of pocket and zero previous experience required.


Below are just some of the leaderboards

we are crushing Leaderboards on a daily basis...

We show you exactly how to replicate our success.

If you don’t know… a leaderboard represents which affiliates bring in the most sales for a product.

YOU get to pick new products each day, use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to send buyers to those products, and make serious money and win contests which makes you even more profits! 

Marketing has never been this easy or exciting.

With AI leaderboard Kingpin, this power will now be in your hands!


Crush leaderboards daily

make money from anywhere in the world

With NO previous following, NO need to get in front of the camera, NO skills needed, NO difficult set up, NO previous experience, NO further investment, NO need for your own website, and you don't even need your own offer

 If you have an internet connection YOU can now DOMINATE leaderboards, make tons of sales to YOUR own product sales, and sell ANY other affiliate program all with AI Leaderboard Kingpin!


Watch the video of James and Max Below.

Pick Up AI Leaderboard Kingpin NOW And Finally...

Get The Results That You Deserve.

Let us ask you a question. 

Why are you on this sales page? Is it because you are bored? 

Is it because you have nothing better to do? 

Is it because you just think we are the most amazing people ever?...

We realize that the answer is a big NO!!!

You Are Here For One Specific Reason

You Want To Make More Money! Period!

We aren’t going to mess around here today and waste your time.

It doesn’t matter what you are into in your personal life. If you want to hang out with your kids, if you like to travel, if you like good restaurants. 

That is all well and good. We don’t care what you do and you should have the same attitude about us.

What is it that we can do for you? 

The bottom line is we can put way more money in your pocket.


By giving you a brand new process we have created and tested.

AI Leaderboard Kingpin harnesses the power of AI to drive traffic to any offer on OR offline.  This gets you paid in a way that works like nothing you have ever seen. 

We Use AI In A Specific Way That Gets 
You Eyeballs On Offers Better Than Everyone Else.

Using Hidden, Secret Ai Tools other Marketers Don’t Even Know Exist!

The first way that the Kingpin method dominates is by ranking at the top of 

The second way is by getting insane amounts of LASER TARGETED BUYER traffic from MAJOR TRAFFIC PLATFORMS, that have millions of people accessing them every day. 

The third way is by using special AI to exploit other areas of the Internet that other 
marketers never dream of using or even know exists!

We know you are crushing it but... Is this AI traffic "just" for product launches? 

NO, you can literally use this to sell anything in ANY niche…  It is that powerful!

We Tend To Focus On Product 
Launches Because That Is Where a ton of Action Is.

That Is Where You Can Not Only Make A 
Ton Of Money But also Win Prize money.

Every Day New Products Come Out That People Want To Buy. You Get The Eyeballs To Those Products ONLY Using AI And Our Kingpin Method And You Get Results. 

It isn’t about us and it isn’t about you. 

What AI Leaderboard Kingpin is about is making money!

Pure and simple. 

If you want to add to your bottom line in a big way then you NEED to pick this up.

So many people argue about different strategies. I don’t like Strategy A because of X reason. 

And I don’t want to do Strategy B because of Y.

With This Strategy The Only Reason You WOULDN'T Want To Do This Is

If You Don’t Like Money.

You simply do what is the most effective strategy that gives the most amount of power, with the least amount of effort. The goal is to make money. 

How do you get that money? 

With the AI Leaderboard Kingpin method you get people that are interested to buy a product, you get in front of them using nothing but special AI in a way that you gets you paid.

This is something that you can do completely anonymously without showing your face, being on video, or having a following.

Crazy Money from multiple platforms!

We will hit over 1 million dollars this year! 

You aren't reliant on one specific platform. You get paid from multiple areas.

This system gets you seemingly EVERYWHERE. 

When people are on the Internet with buyer 
intent you are there to “steal” all of that traffic. 

They click on your link and you get paid. 
It is really that simple!

Get shown multiple times for
the same product!!!
Harness the power of multiple new traffic sources you have never used before along with disrupting others that are known traffic powerhouses with AI! Be everywhere all at once!

With some aspects of this we like to show our face and build a brand. In other aspects
we are completely anonymous. Use this power how you want! The choice is yours!
This system gets you More Passive traffic than anything else 
out there from places you would never imagine.
You point it to products and you get paid.
It is that simple!
That is the power of this system. Have you ever heard of the term horsepower for cars?

Well this product uses AI power. This system is literally like having 100 people working for you to
promote products and get paid! You need to get eyeballs that convert into dollars.
That is what this system does!
This is not about one specific platform.

You are ALL OVER the Internet with this.

 That is the beauty of it.

You are crushing multiple places and products at the same time.

The secret sauce to this is being open to getting new traffic from places that get you sales.

Not being a cheerleader for one platform over the other.
Do you want to make money or not?
If so then pick this up. 
all this can be done with NO previous following, there is NO need to get in front of the camera, NO skills needed, NO difficult set up, NO previous experience, NO further investment - all you need is AI Leaderboard Kingpin and an internet connection and
YOU can crush Marketing with AI Leaderboard Kingpin!
Pick up AI leaderboard Kingpin NOW and
get the results that you deserve
So let us ask you? Do you want to add to your bottom line? If the answer is yes then pick this up.

If the answer is no then go find another sales page that gives you the warm and fuzzy feeling you want, consume the product, don’t do anything with it and move to the next thing. We want winners here!

Are you searching for the high of learning the secret you were sold on a sales page and then feeling let down right after you go through it?

Or would you rather get something that is going to move the needle and actually put money in your pocket?

We aren’t here today to make you feel good. This strategy is to make you bank! That’s the bottom line!

Now we have been in the marketing game for a while. We have seen and done it all. Strategies come and go. AI Leaderboard Kingpin is here to stay!
For us we have been making full time
incomes online for Quite some time. our challenge...
Has Not Been Finding An Opportunity. 
Our challenge is focus, and leverage.

Depending where you are on your online journey you may feel like it is impossible to make money online, or that you can only make a little.

For us the challenge has been that we can’t be in 100 places at once.

We only have 24 hours in a day.

But very recently our “issue” has been fixed. 

In this brand new strategy, we have figured out how you can be literally in 100 places at once and make insane money.

That’s because what we are using 
with AI frees up all of our time.

We Want To Promote EVERYTHING.

Normally you couldn’t do this. 

You email a list 100 times a day it gets burned out. (With this strategy you don’t need a list!)

Normally you can’t be in every niche imaginable because you don’t know the ins and outs of what people want to buy.

Normally you can’t make money seemingly everywhere and Crush leaderboards because you don’t have limitless amounts of ad spend and time.

With our strategy you don’t need any money out of pocket or a ton of time! Set this all up in just a few minutes.

What if there was a way for you to start getting sales daily, in a huge way, without a list, with no money out of pocket, and with no prior knowledge of anything?

Welcome to AI Leaderboard Kingpin

This easy system is going to rock your world.
You pick this up, you digest it quickly, you implement it and you see results. 

That is our guarantee.

This product is not about showing you a magic trick and once you see it you say oh all they did was this and then you feel let down.

This system is about putting money in your pocket with a very calculated and easy way using the power of AI.

AI is a big world with many new tools and daily changes. Since we have been looking, implementing and focusing every day for months now we bring to you what crushes.

We have the proof.

People know we bring the heat for promotions
 and they Lately are asking...

How do you consistently come out on top?

It isn’t that we are so amazing. 

When it comes down to it we are “just” regular people. 

Now that we have the right AI and the right process behind us we just are better than most.

So every day we are using our system to make sales for other people’s products

We don’t have to come up with the ideas, we don’t have to support it. AI does it all for us.

It is amazing.

Does this sound like something you would like?

Would you like to make money on demand for multiple products?

Never having to worry about support. 

Never having to spend days hoping something would work?

Would you like to plug yourself into a world where the power of supercomputers that are smarter than we ever will be hand you commissions on a silver platter?

Then this is for you.

Would you like to get up in the morning and check your emails only to see that you have already made 1000 dollars even before breakfast

Then this is for you.

Would you like to work from bed having AI get you insane results on a daily basis?

Then this is for you.

This is real and it is exciting.

Yes the money is amazing.

Yes having freedom to go on vacations and
 do what YOU want is freaking awesome.

The bottom line is that you use this to get what YOU want. 

You want to use this to get you a vacation cool

If you want to use this as a side hustle awesome

If you want this so that you can chill on the couch and watch football then Go For it.

We don’t care in the end what it is you want.

We want you simply to win! 

We want you to have success and keep buying our products. 

When you win we win!!!!

We are building a tribe of people having success and we want YOU to be a part of it.

With AI Leaderboard Kingpin you now enter a world that is like something you have never seen before.

“Don’t bring a knife to a fight with someone with a machine gun”.

That’s the thing right now. 
The game isn’t fair.

When you use this system it isn’t about your experience or your ability.

When you use our AI system you simply are better than others.

That is how the world is moving. 

Those with the best AI win

Years ago many people said “oh I will never use a cell phone, I don’t need that.” Now everyone has one.

Those that use AI leaderboard Kingpin win, those that don’t lose. Again, life isn’t fair.

Don’t get left behind. 

Get the AI leaderboard Kingpin system, and crush it.

Generating traffic the traditional way 
used to be super time-consuming

if you were to do it yourself and very expensive if you were to outsource it 
and have other people build everything needed to generate traffic for you.

We have spent thousands of dollars and years learning how to generate quality buyer traffic.

With that knowledge and now using AI it is ridiculous how easy it has become 

Now you get to skip to the front of the line without having to go through the pain that we had to. 

Use Artificial Intelligence to build several highly profitable traffic streams in a tiny fraction of the time and for free.

This is a complete game changer and something that we did not even dare to dream about just a year ago.


The best part is that thanks to AI now in 2023

you do not even need to learn any new skills to generate 
floods of laser targeted buyer traffic in any niche and crush it online.

As you can see we are crushing Affiliate Leaderboards using Artificial Intelligence on a daily basis.

We are living the true laptop lifestyle and are now living our best lives thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence and our new process.

Travel the world, spend more time with your friends and family. 

Buy the things that you could never afford in the past.

Live YOUR best life.

Kiss your boss goodbye!

Make money literally in your sleep!

Work at the beach, in front of the pool, in your bed - this is what’s possible in 2023 and the many years to come - This is the future!

If you join us now, for you the future starts TODAY!
AI does ALL the hard lifting for you!

Say goodbye to trial and error, months and years of learning complex new skills and all the frustrations that used to be part of making commissions online the traditional way!

Pick up AI leaderboard Kingpin NOW and get the results that you deserve in the easiest way possible!

Get it NOW. 

Don’t delay!


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